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I. Quality System

1.1 Conn Motor persistently advocates scientific management, and has obtained ISO9001:2008 Certificate (No.111001056) issued by Intertek Company. It has established a set of scientific, rigorous and efficient quality system by taking 5M1E as a core, thus better providing products that meet customer needs.

1.2 Quality Policy: excellent, punctual, stable, progressive

Excellent: excellent products, serious work

Punctual: punctual delivery time, timely work

Stable: stable quality, careful work.

Progressive: progressive enterprise, innovative work.

II. Supplier Management

2.1 Conn Motor has only produced products meeting environmental protection requirements since 2007.

a) All suppliers have signed guarantees for all their products, which meet environmental protection requirements, and offered qualified third-party testing reports.

b) Conn Motor sends corresponding products to qualified third parties for testing periodically according to the hazardous substance risk management and control grade plan at the same time.

2.2 All suppliers are selected after passing appraisal. The suppliers are appraised once every half year in terms of their capacity of continuously and stably providing conforming products.

III. Sample Manufacturing

3.1 Conn salesmen and engineers contact customers to know the requirements of customers on motors as many as possible, particularly implied requirements such as load characteristics.

3.2 Fill in Sample Manufacturing Application Form, and record sample manufacturing spare part materials, special requirements and other aspects in detail.

a) For specification requirements of each sample, fill in Sample Manufacturing Application Form.

b) Manufacture samples of existing appropriate motor types according to Sample Manufacturing Application Form.

c) Customize and develop new products according to customer requirements. Consider the feasibility of mass stable production on the production site on the premise of meeting the requirements of customers on product performance during new product design, carry out value engineering (VE) analysis, and consider the most cost-saving design scheme to create a win-win situation with customers.

3.3 Provide sample performance testing data: Sample Testing Item List (with reference specifications), External View and Performance Curve Diagram while delivering samples, and reserve at least one sample for two years.

3.4 Provide samples of multiple specifications for customers’ verification and comparison according to different requirements of customers.

3.5 Manufacture big boards or carry out small-batch trial production verification for samples selected by customers.

3.6 Formulate Product Specification for sample motor types selected by customers. Conn will not change materials and specification parameters after they are confirmed and signed by customers. If they need to be changed due to any reason, samples must be manufactured first and then verified by customers, and products are produced after the written approval of customers. Product Specification must never be leaked to the third party without the written approval of customers.

IV. Production Management

4.1 Conn Motor will timely review the contract in terms of man, machine, material, method, environment and measurement factors after receiving orders.

4.2 Technical data for guiding production include Product Specification, Spare Part Drawing, External View, Operation Instruction and Quality Control Plan.

4.3 Each process has Operation Instruction, and each piece of equipment is periodically maintained and inspected.

4.4 Test raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products according to requirements of Inspection Norms. Testing equipment should be verified in stipulated time interval according to annual verification plan.

a) All the materials from suppliers must be warehoused after passing the inspection.

b) Carry out first inspection at the start of production, and fill in QC First Inspection Record Form. Carry out subsequent production after passing first inspection.

c) Carry out process inspection in the production process, and fill in QC Tour-inspection Record Form. The products are sent to the subsequent process only after passing the inspection.

d) Inspect the finished motor production line completely, carry out sampling inspection (including life test and so on) in QC according to GB/T2828.1-2003, and fill in Finished Product Sampling Inspection Record Form. Only deliver qualified finished products with QC qualification marks.

4.5 People influencing product requirement conformity should have enough abilities based on appropriate education, training, skills and experience according to Human Resource Management Program of Conn Motor.

4.6 According to 5S standard, the production environment should be kept clean, regular and ordered, and the working environment such as noise, humidity, temperature and lighting which meet product requirements should be appropriate.

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