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Corporate Culture
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Cultural Core

I. Ultimate Goal: manufacture high-quality products, and make more people healthy and happy with our labor!

Make Conn employees healthy and happy!
Make Conn customers healthy and happy!
Make Conn suppliers healthy and happy!
Make more people healthy and happy!

II. Operation Philosophy: Honest & Trustworthy, People-oriented, Harmonious & Win-win; Be Reassuring Conn People in Work and Life.
III. Working Principle: Positivism, Innovation, Entirety, Efficiency

Positivism: positivism is the sole criterion for testing work.

All work must be practical and realistic. Facts prove that it is feasible and efficient.
Facts prove that infeasible current situation must be improved, reformed or innovated.

Innovation: innovation is the fundamental path of enterprise growth.

No innovation, no future. No learning, no growth.
Performance improvement, experience summary, continuous innovation and continuous improvement are effective methods of sustainable enterprise operation.

Entirety: entire optimum is the central goal of work.

Work with the goal of entire long-term optimum at a higher position.
Consider oneself and others when doing things, and guide work with the thought of entire benefit maximization

Efficiency: efficiency is a solid foundation of enterprise survival.

No enough efficiency, no enough competitiveness.
We must work at high efficiency and low cost and create more value under the principle of entirety.

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